November 16, 2020

How to Delete a Facebook Account

Facebook makes it really easy to create an account, but hard to delete one. If you think just because you stop using your Facebook account, that it will eventually be removed from the system, think again. Facebook makes its money from advertisers that want to target people according to their interests. During the sales process, Facebook tells the advertisers how many people their ad will be shown to, based on the advertisers specifications. These numbers have to come from somewhere, and so Facebook values every account they own. They don’t want to see you go.

For a long time it was unclear how to delete a Facebook account. Now they have a button for you to click that will eventually have your account deleted. They threaten that all of your information will be deleted including your pictures and all your posts. They want to put some fear into you so that you hopefully reconsider and keep your account valid.

A second method gives you a two week window in which to change your mind. You can go into the help center while logged into your account and follow the options until you come to Permanently Delete. At this point you will have to verify your password and a CAPTCHA image verification. Once you submit all the required steps, you’ll have the process started. If you change your mind at any point over the next two weeks you just have to log back in to your account and it will be reinstated. For many people this might be the best method, because you might have second thoughts after deleting your account and you wont’ be able to get it back once it’s been purged.

Because of all the time people invest in their Facebook page, how many friends they have on their friend’s page, and all of the time they spend on Facebook, there probably aren’t many people that will go through with the deletion process. Many people are pack rats and can’t throw anything away, especially something that brought them a source of entertainment. buy facebook account

Possible reasons for deleting a Facebook account are that you’re sick of having all of your private information being used for marketing purposes. Also, you might be tired of having to get updates on your entire extended family, including your parents and grandparents. Maybe you just want to start fresh with a new account and limit the amount of information you put on Facebook

If you are serious about deleting your account, make sure you are logged into Facebook and click this link ¬†and you’ll be taken to the account deletion page. You still have to enter your password, so don’t be afraid to click the link because your account won’t automatically be deleted.


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