December 12, 2020

Understanding College Football Vegas Lines

If you love to watch college football and you want to earn money while doing your favorite hobby, you should consider college football betting. And one way to help you win money is to learn how to read college football Vegas lines. A line is a term used in sports betting. Of course it has a different meaning from the geometry word ‘line.’ So do not get confused with these two terms.

It is important that you understand the different lines before you decide to bet your money even if you are betting on a winning team. You can read sports gambling books or manuals or you can go online and search for websites that talk about sports gambling. You will learn a lot about sports gambling in general from these resources. If you want to know the basics of college football Vegas lines, check out the following paragraphs.

• First, it is important to know what a line looks like. A line is composed of the name of the team, with a series of numbers beside the name. For example, Giants -7 -110 -250. The other team could be Cardinals +7 -110 +320. Aside from these, the line can also include  a third row which could look like 36.5 -ov -125. These are the components of a sports betting line. 먹튀검증

• To read this line, you should first determine the favorite and the underdog between these two teams. You can identify these things by looking at the first number in the line. If the first number beside the team’s name has a negative sign, this is the favorite team. On the other hand, if it has a positive sign before the first number, it is the underdog. In the previous example, the Giants team is the favorite while the Cardinals team is the underdog.

• The point spread is the number beside the team, in this case 7. If you bet on the Giants, they should not only win the game but they should win by 7 points. On the other hand, if you bet on the Cardinals and they lost by less than 7 points, you win the bet.

• You also have to understand the money line. In the example given above, the money line is the -250 and +350. Your team should win the game. If you think the Giants would win and you want to bet on them, you have to shell out $250 to win $100 since it has the minus sign. If you think the Cardinals would win, you can bet $100 to win $350 since it has the plus sign.

• Finally, the third row in the line which is the 36.5 -ov -125 is the over under. If you bet over 36.5 and the game ends at a score of 23- 15, you would win the game because the total of the two scores is 38 points, which is over 36.5.

Basically, if you want to have a better chance at winning, you should find the best system for you, preferably the one with a good handicapper. A good handicapper evens out the odds between the two teams, which makes the betting fair.

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